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Learning cannot be stopped. Learning cannot be stopped in children whose brain is still under development. Research has proven that a break in continuous learning is not good for children. Children tend to forget fast just the same way as they tend to learn fast. We must keep this machine well oiled. This weakness in humans can be prevented by keeping the child engaged throughout the year. We are small and have limited capacity which assures individualized attention to your child.

Highlights of Camp

JEI Learning Centers at Parsippany offers a summer Program that apart from the normal JEI Academic Program. The camp provides an opportunity for kids to learn STEAM, Arts and Crafts, and enjoy hands on Science. Our curricuum includes grade and/or skill specific work. For example, a rising 2nd grade child will work with our teachers to do 2nd grade specific worksheet for academics while arts & crafts may be combined with other kids.

General Curriculum

Not every subject is covered everyday but the list here will give you some idea: math, english, problem solving, critical thinking, creative writing, STEM, arts & crafts, fun activities, science projects.

Application Form (1 page)

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Any Preparation before Summer?

None required. We will help your child prepare for next academic year while having fun.

Youngster Eligibility

Children of all ages eligible for pre-K upto 7th grade are eligible for our youngester summer program. We will teach your young child how to read and write. We will teach your older child more complex stuff. We will provide worksheets too.

Young Adult Program

Children of all ages eligible for 8th grade upto 12th grade are eligible for our yound adult summer program. We will teach your older child more complex stuff on standardized test preparation. We will provide worksheets and sample tests too.

Our Facility

Our facility is stacked with books. It's literally a library. We have books on general reading, singapore math, vocabulary, physics, chemistry, SAT, ACT, etc. You name it. We do not lend out or sell books. All books remain in the faciity. Come visit us. We are a true learning center!

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