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SAT and ACT are the two most important examinations that majority of colleges require for admissions. SAT/ACT and the GPA are perhaps the most widely used quantitative factors in top colleges. And yes, extra curricular activities remain important for well rounded profiles. We believe other aspects of the application are relevant only if your package is opened and read by the readers! We want to strengthen your child's ability to score high on SAT/ACT. Our SAT/ACT Preparation curriculum is a challenging multiple week course in which students receive specialized training and guided practice to develop the skills needed to excel on the SATs and ACTs. Students are taught both the content on the test and the strategies that will maximize their scores. The new SAT format went into effect in March 2016 and has two sections: reading/writing and math, each is scored from 200-800, for a total of 400-1600. New sub-scores will record more detailed infor- mation about how the student does on different topics and various kinds of math. The essay is not included in the composite score, but will likely be required by colleges. The reading section features graphics and historically-important texts and speeches. It will incorporate vocabulary-in-context, rather than "words" tested by the old SAT. Wrong guesses are no longer penalized.

Highlights of new SAT

1. There is no penalty for incorrect answers

2. Analysis based on Science, History, and Social Studies

3. Incorporation of relevant words in the context

4. Essay is optional but we think colleges might require it


All colleges accept either the SAT or the ACT. It can be a daunting exercise to understand which test to take, or whether to prepare for both. We recommend that students explore both options by taking a practice test for each exam. They can see the subtle differences between the two exams. Then students can choose whether to focus on SAT, ACT, or both. Students should be aware of how scores are reported to colleges. Some colleges will super-score which means that they will take the best scores from multiple exams taken by the student. However, we recommend that students don't rely on super-scoring. It could be a riskier strategy not knowing how colleges will view improvements (or deterioration) in scores for multiple examinations.


SAT/ACT Preparation will include at least the following:

(a) weekly full practice tests, (b) vocabulary quizzes, (c) fundamental review of math, (d) writing and grammar skills, e) critical reading skills and (f) practice of word and logic problems. We will strengthen the core skills in math, reading and writing.


Our rigorous and extended program is created for high schoolers. In order to enroll in the regular program the student must be in ninth through twelth grades. We have a program for youger kids too. See below.

Junior Program

It is never too early to aspire to ace the scholastic examination. For that reason, we have also created programs for middle schoolers! Yes, that would be sixth graders to eighth graders.

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